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Water is the world's most consumed drink. However, do you know which drink comes after that? Tied for second spot will most probably be coffee and tea (Chinese and Japanese are predominantly tea drinkers). This is then followed by beer and soda drinks that complete the top 5 list. No doubt, thanks to the rising popularity of coffee throughout the world, especially with the globalization of giant coffee chian Starbucks, coffee may very well take second spot. At, we hope we can provide you, our readers, with more knowledge about this sophisticated drink called espresso coffee. Take some time off your busy daily schedule to smell the roses and well, sip a cup of cappuccino.


Welcome to one of the most comprehensive site on the Internet about espresso coffee. Coffee may seem a bit daunting to some of you, but in all honesty, it shouldn't be. Here, we have almost everything associated with coffee in this website to help you solve any queries you have about it; be it general coffee information, the history about coffee, reviews about certain coffee brands and makes, or even just knowing the difference between a dark and light roasted coffee. We also teach you the art of appreciating coffee, how one is exactly suppose to slurp and taste coffee, much like wine lovers do.


We also have a constantly updated coffee recipe list that is filled with food and beverages that has the touch of caffeine in it. Make use of this ever increasing list of recipes that uses coffee as an ingredient to try out in your kitchen to create new and exotic dishes and beverages. (If you would like to contribute coffee related recipes, do feel free to drop as an email too!) Learn how to create that perfect cup of mocha or cappuccino, or maybe you will prefer an apple and strawberry coffee latte for afternoon tea? Test out our recipes contributed by our readers and feedback to us whether they work for your taste buds or not!


If you are new to this complex but interesting world of coffee, you should check out our many different helpful articles that allow you to learn more about the multipurpose coffee bean, through the insightful and informative list we have. You may also like to e-mail us if you have any questions with regards to the topic of coffee for everyone to share, which will be posted on our FAQ. Our FAQ answer basic questions for new drinkers such as explaining what is aroma, acidity, body and flavour of coffee. We also answer more advance questions like explaining the different types of coffee beans which comes from different parts of the world, or simply recommend coffee drinks that we the team here likes!


For the more experienced coffee drinker, you can check out our articles to learn how to roast your own coffee for your preferred aroma and strength of your coffee. You may also wish to check our reviews of some coffee machines brands that we did, or find out what is gourmet coffee amongst other things.


For our dear vistitors looking for coffee products, do check out our product items to see what you may require. You can purchase coffee products such as freshly roasted coffee beans or coffee accessories like coffee mugs, coffee brewers and makers. In fact, we have such a wide range of products that you have to view it and see for yourself! We also occasionally have special discounts on selected items so make sure you check out this page very often.


Finally, we hope you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time at Do gain as much knowledge as you possibly can and grow the culture of coffee drinking and appreciating in everyone of us. Spread the word of our website with your friends or link back to us if you have a website of your own! You may also want to check our our valued partners' websites for any information that you are unable to find from our site here.


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Travel The World Through The Taste Of Espresso Coffee


For those who love coffee, they know that there are endless possibilities of flavors available. Espresso coffee has a reputation from coming from every corner of the earth, offering different richness and texture according to where it is from and how it is blended. At, we assist you in your quest of tasting the world to find the best blend for your coffee.


The first stop in traveling around the world is in the exotic islands of Hawaii. The Aloha state has particular blends that are known for their richness and thick texture as well as taste. This is mostly known because of the Kona blend that has been produced here. This particular Kona blend adds a thicker taste as well as a strong aroma when making and drinking the coffee.


Another possibility that you can look into is from Ethiopia. This particular style of coffee is known to be a ‘rare’ find, as the beans actually produce not only a heavy body, but also have a sense of spice that comes through in the coffee beans. If you move a little further, into Indonesia, you will be able to keep this heavy body, but the taste will be richer, and almost earthy from the growth of the coffee beans.


Of course, the travels would not be completed without mentioning South American and Columbian coffee. Most know that Columbian coffee can come in a variety of lighter or darker roasts, all which are also known for their ‘earthy’ taste. Espresso coffee from this area, and all the way through Jamaica and the Caribbean, is known for its lighter aroma and its darker taste.


The last stop to consider is in the European areas. French roast to French vanilla are popular espresso coffee tastes for many who want a lighter type of roast with a slightly different blended flavor. There are also richer textures, mostly seen through Italian coffees and all the way to the Eastern European and Turkish areas. These are known for being stronger and richer in taste as well as in aroma.


If you are ready to venture out, then consider traveling around the world with the different flavors of espresso coffee. There are endless possibilities for every area that you stop in, all which will add a slightly different strength and flavor to the coffee that you choose. Each of these blends are designed for uniqueness as well as adding a richness to your coffee and to your espresso coffee experiences.


In all, we hope your adventure into this fascinating world of espresso coffee will be a fruitful and enjoyable journey. Our website has lots of other useful and relevant information to aid in your discovery of this roasted bean. Make use of the resources here to increase your knowledge and hopefully, you'll be a coffee connoisseur soon!

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